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FOTOS: Mega Show de Dudu Fisher em Curitiba é Sucesso de Público

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FOTOS: Mega Show de Dudu Fisher em Curitiba é Sucesso de Público

FOTOS - Cantor Dudu Fischer apresentou em evento de gala celebrando os 30 anos do Beit Chabad de Curitiba no Parana, Brasil

Singer Dudu Fischer performed at a gala event celebrating thirty years of Chabad in Parana, Brazil.

An event celebrating thirty years of Chabad in Parana, Brazil was held recently, with an exciting show, "Dudu Fischer in Concert."

The large audience that packed the Montenegro Theater in the upscale area of Batel enjoyed the musical event as well as special guests and surprise performances.

Dudu wowed the crowd while singing in several languages and telling exciting anecdotes, tales and miracles of the Rebbe and Chabad around the world, involving all with lots of laughter and tears.

Dudu told the moving story of the miracle of the birth of his mother in Riga in 1932, with the Brocha of the the Frierdiker Rebbe, the Rebbe Rayatz. He even pulled out of his pocket the paper with the brocha, signed by the mazkir R. Chatche Feigin. All those present were touched deeply.

For the first time ever, a group of 20 children from the local Jewish school, sang classical yiddishe nigunnim on stage with Dudu, and some of Dudu's songs for kids.

A special slideshow prepared especially for the event was played with unforgettable moments at Chabad during the past 30 years.

Participants enjoyed the warm greetings of the distinguished Director of Beit Chabad of Brazil, Rabbi Shabsi Alpern, from S. Paulo, guest speaker for the event.

A commemorative plaque was presented to Rabbi and RebetzinDubrawsky for their tireless efforts and dedicated work on behalf of the Jewish community for the past 30 years, by the President and Vice President of Chabad, Dr. Francisco Grupenmacher and Dr. Bernardo Reznik and Rabbi Shabsi Alperin of Beit Chabad Central.

The celebration ended with friends of Chabad in a gesture of solidarity and admiration, dancing with the rabbis, children and Dudu Fischer onstage.

All participants went home with a beautiful souvenir magazine, commemorating the 30 years of Chabad of Parana, along with a beautiful kit for lighting the Shabbat candles, designed and funded by Chabad of S. Paulo directed by Rabbi Yossi Alperin.

Fonte: http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=22835&alias=dudu-fischer-at-brazil-gala

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