Terça, 14 de julho de 2020 • 22 Tammuz 5780  • כ"ב תמוז  ה' תש"ף

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FOTOS: A Parada de Chanuká que Parou o Transito de São Paulo

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FOTOS: A Parada de Chanuká que Parou o Transito de São Paulo

Galeria de Fotos e Vídeo: Confira as imagens da grande parada automotiva de Chanuká onde dezenas de carros circularam em fila alegrando a grande metropole com música e o brilho das luzes de Chanucá - a Festa das Luzes 2012.

Photos by Moshe Naparstak

Chanukah in Yeshivas Lubavitch S. Paulo starts weeks before the date on the Calendar comes around. The Talmidim HaShluchim put together an unbelievable week of Chanukah Mivtzoim to spread the light of Chanukah throughout the city. 

This kicked off with a grand Parade throughout the city together with Beit Chabad Central the local Chabad House.

About 25 cars decked out with Menorahs participated in the parade including families and local news stations covering the event. 

“This is only the beginning” said Ross, “we’re not just going to make a nice event and call it a day, we plan on making candle lighting's and distributing Chanukah goods throughout the greater S. Paulo area this whole week, and we’re really excited.” 

Rabbi Yossi Alpren, Director at Beit Chabad Central said “In the original Temple the windows were built to bring light to the outside, to light up the world. Likewise, today it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure that no Jew in the city of S. Paulo is left out from the light of Chanukah.” 

Thousands of Candles, Guides, Doughnuts and Dreidels are expected to be distributed this Chanukah by the Yeshivah students, who also plan on participating in Parties and programs arranged by local Shluchim.

A special Thanks goes to Rabbi Mendi Koncepolski, and all those who made the Parade possible, along with the help of the Talmidei Hashluchim Menachem LifshitzMendy RossLevi Sudak and Mendel Zirkind.

To contact the Shluchim at Yeshivah Lubavitch S. Paulo to support these or future activities, they can be reached at shluchimbrazil@gmail.com

Fonte: http://www.crownheights.info/index.php?itemid=48906

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